Sunday 6 August 2023

About Me

I am a cut paper & collage artist making colourful and joyful pieces that express a sense of connection to the buildings, landscapes and nature around me: places I have either lived in or explored over many years. I lived in Letchworth Garden City for many years and so the Arts & Crafts buildings of the town feature heavily in my work, as does Cambridge and further afield to Newark and the East Midlands where I now live. 

I layer paper together and then use a scalpel to cut into the surface to reveal a shape of a leaf or the fa├žade of a building. I simplify and abstract, all in a quest to capture the feeling of a time and a place. 

My latest work explores hand stencilled fabrics and repeating forms. This work will be explored thoroughly in my upcoming residency at the National Civil War Centre in Newark from October 2023 until March 2024