Wednesday 20 July 2022

Exploring making hand printed fabrics.....

 In the last couple of years I have felt pulled back to my textile roots. Just as papercutting was born from me making stencils for fabric printing then so I have been reversing that process and going back to where I started! At first I cut up some preloved large linen shirts and used the biggest areas to print on so that I could make into cushions. Then I did some serious sourcing of end of role furnishing linens so that I could make a beautiful object that was earth kind and also the best quality I could find. It is a glorious journey of discovery, inspired by the the interiors of Vanessa Bell at Charleston. It has meant I could research and design more pieces inspired by the intricate and unique gravestone carvings - Belvoir Angels - found only here in the Vale of Belvoir. Not just that, to play - literally with simple elements inspired by nature and creatures and to see what happened!

Here are some of the cushions that I am now creating. I have designed and cut the unique stencils that make the designs and I use high quality/pigment fabric paints to make permanent patterns on the heavy and luscious linens. You can buy these direct from my website.