Tuesday 31 December 2019

Looking back at 2019 - what a year!

Its the natural thing to do - look back on the year that has just gone. And that is what I am doing today. Its been a jammed packed year! One that started with much sadness as it was a year since my sister's death and her fight with her mental illness that ended in such tragedy. And the start of the year marked the first six months of living here in Bottesford. It would be an understatement to say that I had a whole load on my plate. I am very much a proactive person though. To battle those difficult things, I leapt into getting to know people around here and pushing my work much further than its been before. Moving from the Letchworth area has been really tough. I feel I belong at the most there and so the be in exile has meant I have to start the process of seeing where I fit now. 


......there is always two ways to look at things. I can either look at this area at what its not, or look at what it has to offer and there is a huge amount around here that is stunning! There isn't the traffic, the village I live in is really sustainable as there is so much I day to day need, and I have started to explore what is on my doorstep. And there are amazing places to visit. With global warming I want to make every effort to appreciate what is near me, and encourage others too with exploring what is nearby. In England we have so many extra ordinary buildings, just architectural and cultural heritage to appreciate and visit. We are very lucky. And all we need to do is go visit and share with others. If I can do that with some art based on it and getting some social ideas done too, then that will be part of my plan for 2020.

Below is a few of the real highlights of 2019......as I say, an amazing year.

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