Wednesday 25 February 2015

Tree Court, Cambridge - Commission for a Couple

This is a very recent commission for a couple that both went to college in Cambridge. In fact their halls was in Tree Court where this piece is based. I am very ashamed to say I hadn't heard of Tree Court, or ever visited it, so when I went for my recce trip to see I have to say I fell in love. What beautiful trees!!!! They have such slender end elegant lines and were just the loveliest thing to draw.

Tree Court commission drawing © Vanessa Stone

Tree Court commission drawing © Vanessa Stone 2015

Tree Court Commission © Vanessa Stone 2015

A commission always starts in the same way - someone contacts me about an idea they have and then I prep up some drawings from which they choose their favourite composition. These drawings above and the ones I sent off and you can see which one was chosen. I have to say this was one of my favourite commissions. Its slipped off the knife so easily.  found it hard to deliver and let go. Pieces aren't always like that. Sometimes they are a pig to make and I am happy to finish them!!

Tree Court commission ©Vanessa Stone 2015

And here is the finished piece. Its approximately 25 cm x 25 cm and framed in a solid birch wood deep frame. Its mounted in Arches watercolour paper and window mounted to show off the texture of the watercolour paper.

Tree Court Commission ©Vanessa Stone 2015