Friday 25 April 2014

Drawing casts - a slice of bliss at Museum of Classical Archeology in Cambridge

Just recently I went off to Cambridge to do some drawings...I have been trying to get out much more to draw, and generally just get drawing anyway. Its like going to the gym for artists! It gets to the muscles you thought you didn't have and the difference it makes to drawing other things is amazing. It makes your brain flow and your hand flow too, with shape and emphasis of line. I went to the Museum of Classical Archaeology on Sedgwick Avenue. Its free to visit - have a check of opening times before you go. Its the perfect place to draw - you can use the museum chairs to plonk next to the pieces you want to draw, and then you can just get stuck in. Its so peaceful and full of beauty everywhere you look. The lines of a nose, the curve of a breast or buttock, and the sturdy profiles of classical rulers and warriors - its just a piece of heaven. I sat and drew for a solid three and a half hours and all I could hear was the hum of chattery kids with parents and a few couples walking and talking  and discussing. Coming out, back into town seemed like another world. I had been tucked away from the modern world! Thank God for the land of academia!!